Garden Maintenance in Newcastle

At Green Envy Landscape & Garden Services, we strive for meticulous attention to detail. Our expert landscaping team are dedicated to making your outdoor sanctuary something you can show off to friends, family and neighbours. With the latest equipment at our disposal, we offer fertilising, general clean-up, pruning, hedging and weed control services.

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Make your garden blossom and your plants truly come to life with our dedicated fertilisation service. Some garden beds don’t naturally have the right amount of nutrients. Added fertilisation allows for healthier, more vibrant looking flora all year ‘round.


Yard Clean-ups

Is your backyard looking more like a jungle? We can transform your outdoor area into a neat and tidy garden that you can be proud to show off. We provide a complete yard clean-up service including rubbish removal, lawn mowing, edging, slashing and more.



Keep your garden looking fresh and plants healthy with a comprehensive pruning service. Our team uses hand pruners, loppers, hedge shearers, pruning saws and pole saws to ensure you get the cleanest cut possible. Pruning decreases the chance of plants developing disease and discourages garden pests.



Unmaintained hedges can look messy and out of place in your yard. A neat and tidy hedge will turn your garden into something special. Hedging can be tedious and time consuming, so why not let the professionals at Green Envy Landscape & Garden Services handle it for you? We trim your hedges both large and small.


Weed Control

Are you sick of having to constantly control the weeds in your garden? At Green Envy Landscape & Garden Services, we can do the work for you. Using advanced chemicals and equipment, we kill your weeds fast while ensuring your plants remain safe and healthy.