Garden Design Experts in Newcastle

Enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors in the privacy of your own backyard. Renovate your outdoor space into a lush wonderland that suits your taste and budget.

Tired of the DIY approach to garden design? At Green Envy Landscape & Garden Services, we can turn your dilapidated or overgrown garden into a beautiful haven. Our team works with any size backyard, catering to any budget.

Before we start renovating your yard, it’s important to determine how you want the space to be used. Do you want a fully functioning vegetable garden? Would you like a mix of natural gardens and patio space for entertaining friends and family? Whatever you decide, we can allocate the space to ensure your garden makeover meets your specific needs. From garden beds, concrete paths and fencing, to turfing and retaining walls, you will have a welcoming outdoor space in no time.

Contact our team at Green Envy Landscape & Garden Services for a quote and to get started on your garden makeover project.