Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about building a retaining wall or installing synthetic turf? We’ve compiled a list of some frequently asked questions the team often receives while on the job.

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Turf can be laid all year round, however your establishment period varies from one season to the next. It is important to adapt your establishment methods to suit the season.

The best types of turf depend on your lifestyle and what your needs are. Buffalo lawns have become very popular in recent times because of their ease of maintenance. If you have time to spend on your lawn, COUCH will always provide you with a showpiece. For the price conservative KIKUYU is a good alternative.

There is no definite answer as to which building material is the best for your retaining wall. It comes down how you want to match your outdoor aesthetic. However, there are a few benefits to choosing either rock, timber or block materials. For example, rock walls create the most naturalistic look, while timber and block retaining walls are the most cost-effective options. Furthermore, block walls require little effort as they are stacked on top of each with no mortar or cement.

Proper lawn care is essential to prevent weeds from sprouting in your lawn. Using environmentally friendly chemicals is the most efficient way of killing weeds.

Begin with a phone to discuss your needs and arrange an on-site meeting to calrify you needs. After the meeting we will provide you with estimate and continue to work with you to create the result you are after.